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Post by Featherlord on Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:57 pm

Welcome to the Canarynet Forum!
These are our staff members:
The Canarynet Staff 1-29
Featherlord (myself)

The Canarynet Staff Stars13
Age: 14
Place of residence: Eckernförde (Germany)
Role: Board founder; the one to contact in case of problems, severe rule-breaking by other members and particularly in case of PM spam by other members etc.
A little self-introduction: I like languages and animals a lot and am trying to learn Japanese. I already speak German, English and Danish and intend to use that occupationally later on, in addition to Japanese which I want to study.
I opened this forum myself because I wanted to create a less bourgeois pet forum (there are a lot of quite boring, pedantic pet fores out there) and liked (and owned) canaries, so I decided to open a canary forum. The forum started up as a canary and balderdash forum, but in order to make it more professional and serious, I changed it so that canaries are the main topic.

The Canarynet Staff 2-92
Angelic Fruitcake

The Canarynet Staff Stars13
Age: 19
Place of residence: London (England)
Role: Assistant admin; she is the one to contact in the same cases as me, especially if I am absent.
A little self-introduction: I enjoy video games on many platforms like PS3 (My favourite Licking lips 4 sth), DS, PS2, PC and Wii. I also enjoy horror movies, mainly Japanese ones (they have the best directors). I decided to help Featherlord with the forum by becoming an Admin along side him and I think canaries are cute even though I cannot own one (I have a cat that loves to munch on birdies).

The Canarynet Staff Dessin_anime_7
Moderating Featherball

The Canarynet Staff Stars11
Age: 16
Place of residence: Johannesburg (South Africa)
Role: Moderator; she keeps an eye on the fores moderated my the "Moderators" group. You can contact her if there is something wrong in her scope that can be dealt with by moderator rights.
A little self-introduction: I love spending my time playing video games on many platforms. One of my favourite games is Star Wars Republic Commando. I also enjoy watching movies, mostly fantasy (like Eragon and Star Wars) but my favourite move of all time would be The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I also enjoy the movie Black Hawk Down. I also read a lot, mainly books and comics (like Marvel). I come from South Africa and can only speak English, my afrikaans sucks. Sometimes, I spend my time writing fan fics or stories of my own. Most of the time, however, I am role playing online. My favourite sports include horse riding and archery.

The Canarynet Staff 16-51
Moderating Featherball

The Canarynet Staff Stars11
Age: 16
Place of residence: Styria (Austria)
Role: Moderator; he keeps an eye on the fores moderated by the "Moderators" groups and can be contacted if something that can be handled with moderator rights is wrong in the fores in his scope.
A little self-introduction: Well… Something about me…
I would say music is the most important thing in my life. Most of the time I’m listening to metal and rock music but sometimes I also listen to mainstream music (as some people call it) like "Dear Mr. President" (btw. I dislike George W. Bush), an awesome song with great lyrics!
I like going to the cinema, watching horror movies, (I love Saw, and Hostel btw), going out in the weekend, being with friends, playing computer, watching TV and languages. I already speak German, English, French and Spanish quite well and want to study Russian to become something like a courier or a guide.
カナリア  Administrator

Number of posts : 496
Age : 26
Place of residence : Germany
Canary keeper : Yes
Registration date : 2007-05-08

My Canary
Canary’s name: 翼 (Tsubasa)
Canary’s description: Dark yellow with brown patches
Canary’s talents: Can sing well, is athletic

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